Yale University offers a free online course on parenting; here’s how to join

With online courses becoming the new norm amid the coronavirus pandemic, Yale University has come up with an online course, not for kids but for parents.

Created by Dr. Alan E Kazdin, Professor of Psychology and Child Psychiatry and Director of the Yale Parenting Center, the online course titled Everyday Parenting was specifically designed for parents and caregivers of children of all ages (tweens to teens) to to equip them with techniques to better navigate parenthood, reported fastcompany.com.

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The program covers various aspects of parenting, from how to praise a child and inspire good behavior to ways to discipline them effectively. For example, Kazdin suggests that punishments should be “gentle and brief”; the most severe and longest bring out the worst behavior in children. The course also has a section on how to manage teenagers, including solving behavioral problems at school.

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The course is available on the Coursera app. It is organized according to a modular structure, which includes lessons, videos, readings and quizzes, which parents can listen to at their own pace.