Want a job? Join TCS’ Free Online Course to Improve Employability Skills

If you are looking to improve your employability skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing job market, here is good news for you.

IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced a free 15-day online course – TCS iON Career Edge – for young professionals.

According to TCS, TCS iON Career Edge is a free 15-day career readiness course that has been designed to equip today’s youth with essential employability skills to face the future.

Covering key behavioral and communication skills and fundamental skills in accounting, IT and artificial intelligence, learning in TCS iON Career Edge – Young Professional is delivered in 14 modules.

Each module is 1-2 hours long with aids including videos, presentations, reading material, webinars recorded by TCS experts, and end-of-module self-assessments that make it relevant and industry-aligned.

The course includes an end-of-course assessment that assesses learners’ understanding of concepts. And if the course objectives are achieved, the learner receives a personalized certificate upon successful completion. Additionally, learners have access to a moderated digital chat room that allows them to post questions and share their suggestions. The moderator answers the questions posed in a short time.

Plus, the course can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device allowing you to learn on the go!

“TCS iON Career Edge – Young Professional improves the employability quotient of young people in the new normal, enabling them to effectively transition from campus to enterprise,” said the IT giant.


There are no prerequisites to take this course.

This course consists of 14 modules

  1. Communicate to Impress – Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  2. Presenting with Impact – Learn how to prepare and deliver engaging and effective presentations
  3. Develop soft skills for the workplace – Know the importance of soft skills to achieve better results
  4. Get advice from career gurus – Receive strategic insights from TCS business experts to get a head start in your career
  5. Writing a Winning Resume and Cover Letter – Understand how to create a strong resume and cover letter
  6. Stay ahead of group discussions – Know why group discussions are conducted and learn how to actively participate
  7. Ace Corporate Interviews – Understand how to attend and excel in corporate interviews
  8. Learn Corporate Etiquette – Learn common business etiquette followed in a corporate setting
  9. Write Effective Emails – Create a professional email with impactful content and a strong subject line
  10. Learn Business Phone Etiquette – Understand the etiquette to follow when making a work-related phone call
  11. Understand Accounting Fundamentals – Understand accounting principles and concepts with an overview of financial statements
  12. Learn Basic Computer Skills – Build your basic computer skills by listening to TCS technical experts
  13. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Part 1
  14. Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Part 2