US Mission sponsors training for 60 English teachers – Latest News – The Nation

LAHORE – US Consul General in Lahore, William K Makaneole, said teachers are close to his heart as his own daughter is a teacher in Hawaii.

Speaking to participants of the Professional Development Novice English Teachers (PDNET) program at a local hotel here on Friday, he said: “I know what it takes to be a teacher and how important it is to be a teacher for companies”.

Some 60 English teachers from across Punjab participated in the five-day residential training program sponsored by the US Mission. Under the program, participants become eligible to receive small grants from the U.S. Mission to conduct follow-up activities in their respective regions.

Addressing the participants, Consul General Makaneole said, “I appreciate your hard work, dedication and commitment to your teaching profession. Pakistani students are very lucky to have teachers like you.

He added, “I’m sure you’ve learned some new teaching techniques and I hope you’ll incorporate them into your local teaching methods. Over time, I would love to hear your success stories. He said some 25,000 English teachers had benefited from the US-funded training program since 2005.

During the training program, trainers from the United States and Pakistan presented innovative techniques and best practices for activity-based teaching. Makaneole also distributed certificates to PDNET program participants. He thanked PDNET trainers Dr Nikki Ashcraft, Zaheer Hussain and Tayyaba Ehsan for their valuable training.