Two new English teachers welcomed to Deniliquin High School

Keira Longstaff (left) and Jordan Latter recently joined the faculty at Deni High School.

Two teachers were welcomed to the English faculty at Deniliquin High School this term.

Originally from Wollongong, Keira Longstaff previously taught at a school near her home with similar enrollment to Deniliquin High School.

Looking for new opportunities, new experiences and a chance to broaden your horizons,

Mrs. Longstaff left for Deni High.

“Everyone has been welcoming and friendly since arriving,” she said.

“I’m nervous about seeing everyone outside of the school environment because that didn’t happen at my previous location.”

Mrs. Longstaff ended by saying that she hoped to stay in Deniliquin for a long time.

Jordan Latter hails from the Hunter Valley region of NSW where she attended Newcastle University.

She comes to Deniliquin as part of the graduate recruitment program.

Miss Latter completed a work placement at a similar sized school at Deni High, although it was mostly filled with Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Deniliquin’s hiking trails and wildlife caught the eye of Miss Latter, who said she was passionate about quizzes and would love to participate in quiz nights.

The two teachers also expressed their excitement for the upcoming Deni Ute Muster.