Top Five YouTube English Teachers for Korean Viewers

Long gone are the days of having to sign up for early morning in-person English lessons to learn from native speakers.

YouTube, which offers countless videos focused on teaching English, has become the most useful tool for those who want to move beyond textbook-based language learning.

Offering a wide range of topics from American TV drama scripts to video blogs of everyday life in English-speaking countries, many channels target general learners who need a guide to English grammar and usage. with detailed explanations in Korean or those looking to have fun while studying. language.

Those with intermediate and advanced language skills seem to prefer visiting English-only sites like the TED Talks channel and BBC Learning English.

Here is a list of English teachers on YouTube prepared by The Korea Herald that you might be interested in checking out.

1. Oliver Ssaem (Oliver Professor)

Born and raised in Texas, Oliver Shan Grant is a YouTuber who creates content about English and American culture. He was an English teacher at an elementary school in Gyeonggi Province and at a high school in Seoul.

His channel, which now has more than 2 million subscribers, focused on useful tips for English learners, such as the correct English pronunciation of specific words that Koreans struggle to grasp. It also dealt with American verbal etiquette.

In a category titled “America’s Bare Face,” Grant delved into social issues and trends in the country, such as the revival of socialism and discrimination against Asian applicants in admissions to colleges. American universities.

Currently, the channel has focused on vlogs featuring his family, including his Korean wife, newborn baby, and Jindo dogs.

2. Live Academy

Live Academy is led by Korean-American Shin Yong-ha, commonly referred to by viewers as the Red Hat Tutor.

Based on the experience of working as an English teacher for 10 years after returning to Korea, it deals in depth with subtle differences in grammar and pronunciation, which are often confused by intermediate and advanced learners.

Shin uploads 5-minute videos two or three times a week. He also goes live for an hour-long session to catch the channel’s latest course and answer viewers’ questions.

The most popular video, which attracted some 2.7 million views, was about the correct use of will and power.

3. Aran Television

A self-proclaimed ‘educator’, both educator and facilitator, Kim Aran shares her skills that have enabled her to acquire fluency in oral language.

She seeks to inspire viewers to take a leap through English the way she did from being an ordinary college student to a guest speaker at TEDx, UCLA after an intensive year-long study.

The channel distinguished itself from others by uploading videos of Kim covering American pop songs with lyrics she translated into Korean and vice versa.

4. Wonder

This channel creates content that meets the unique demand of Korean viewers to see how the world views the county, its people and its culture.

“We produce content focused on topics that can boost Koreans’ pride,” reads an introductory post from Wonder.

It mainly provides video footage translation to show how foreign media covered Korean celebrities such as BTS, Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Jung-jae, and footballer Son Heung-min.

5. Guseul Ssaem (Guseul’s teacher)

Guseul currently teaches at a language school called YBM and runs a personal YouTube channel.

The unique feature of this channel is that it teaches viewers how to speak softly and politely in English, mainly focusing on day-to-day conversation skills.

There is a section for business English phrases and expressions for occasions like making a phone call and writing an email to business partners.

By Park Han-na (