Thirty English teachers from all over Madagascar learn the methods of “American English”

American English train-the-trainer participants celebrate the end of the three-day workshop with a group photo.

Today, 30 English teachers from all over Madagascar completed the American English Training of Trainers (AE TOT) workshop which took place from April 21-23 in Antananarivo. The AE TOT project is funded by the US Embassy and implemented by the nonprofit Lanja Omena Vokatra hAharitra (LOVA).

During the workshop, participants learned how to use american english teaching and learning materials developed by the US government and available at The American English website offers a wide range of free teaching resources – including lesson plans, audiobooks, video content, online courses, and printable games and activities – that are designed to enrich teaching methods. teaching English teachers and ultimately to increase student engagement. and learning. This extensive resource center has been carefully curated by English teaching experts for use in low-tech, non-English speaking classrooms around the world.

After the three-day training, the 30 AE TOT participants will lead workshops in their respective school districts and regions to show other English teachers how to use American English resources in their classrooms. In total, at least 210 English teachers across Madagascar will benefit from this AE TOT workshop.

Building on the success of the first AE TOT workshop held in 2021, this second iteration will continue to develop a nationwide network of talented and expert English teacher-trainers equipped with the skills and resources to lead American English workshops. for educators across the country. The 28 participants of the first iteration have already trained 260 Malagasy teachers from the Analamanga region in American English methods and materials.

AE TOT Workshops offers in-person and virtual workshops by U.S. and Malagasy experts in English teaching, including three U.S. educators currently working in Madagascar through U.S. Embassy exchange programs . Two future iterations of the AE TOT program will be conducted in major urban areas across the country.

Since 2017, the U.S. government has worked as an “mpirahalahy mianala” with the government of Madagascar and Malagasy educators to improve the teaching and learning of English in Madagascar. This initiative is shaped by the belief that English can open up a wide range of local and global opportunities for Malagasy students and professionals wishing to further their education and advance their careers.

In 2017, the U.S. Embassy began a collaboration with the Department of National Education, which ultimately resulted in the revised National Secondary School English Curriculum. The U.S. government has also provided high-quality professional training to more than 2,700 English educators across Madagascar, helping them improve their methods and resources for teaching English at the high school and university levels, as well as in clubs. of English and other educational forums.