The Internet user comes across the FB post of expatriates looking for native English teachers in Singapore; think ‘aren’t we all native English speakers?’ –

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A netizen who came across a Facebook post from an expat looking for an English speaker in Singapore was rather embarrassed by his post.

In a post on Reddit on Tuesday, August 23, user Familiar-Mouse4490 asked, “Are Singaporeans technically ‘native speakers of English’?”

They added that when they came across the expat’s Facebook post, they “laughed because I thought ‘we’re not all native English speakers'”.

“Although I’m sure he probably meant no disrespect and probably wanted a good English teacher so to speak.

But I really wonder if we Singaporeans would be considered as such? Our main language is English even though the official language is Malay, and unlike Hong Kongers, although they are largely educated in English, Cantonese is still their main and first language, so I think they don’t would not be considered “native”, “the user wrote on reddit.

They added that they had come across a teaching center with mainly Caucasians who boasted of having “native speakers”. However, the netizen then asked if race matters when it comes to being a native English speaker.

This sparked an interesting debate on reddit. Here’s what others said:

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