The first group of 24 English teachers leaves for the United States for a 6-week training

A first batch of 24 English teachers from across Pakistan left for the United States for a six-week professional exchange program through Vision-Building Future (VBF) in collaboration with the Regional English Language Bureau ( RELO) from the US Embassy, ​​according to the press release posted here.

Teaching Excellence & Achievement (TEA) is a non-degree, non-credit academy program from the United States Embassy at the University of Nebraska, Omaha (UNO) that offers Pakistani teachers unique opportunities to develop expertise in their fields, improve their teaching skills and deepen their knowledge of the United States.

A two-day pre-departure orientation was organized specifically for future English teachers from Pakistan who would be traveling to the United States. Over the two days, participants learned about their code of conduct, their role as ambassadors of Pakistan, the host university, and the United States education system. Teachers also learned essential skills for their exchange trip, including problem solving, communication, networking, team building and critical thinking.

The event was also graced with the presence of TEA alumni who have made remarkable progress in their respective fields after returning to the country. They decanted the participants with their practical experiences during their exchange visits to the United States. And familiarized them with how they can be responsible Pakistanis abroad, exchange cultures and promote a good image of the country.

Monica Davis, Public Engagement Specialist at the U.S. Embassy, ​​said in her welcome remarks, “I am delighted to be here today for the pre-departure orientation of exceptional Pakistani teachers who travel to the United States. The TEA program will change their lives and they will come back to Pakistan and share what they have learned.

Dr. Kelli E Odhuu, Regional English Language Manager at the US Embassy also graced the event virtually and expressed his enthusiasm for the TEA program, wished participants a journey full of learning and cultural exchange and interacted with participants to record their feelings. and thoughts before leaving for the United States.

Urooj Haider, TEA Program Manager at VBF, expressed in his remarks, “I am thrilled to see all these wonderful and radiant teachers preparing for their departure to the United States for the TEA program. I admire their determination and commitment to the TEA program as they waited two years for the COVID situation to improve so they could continue their TEA journey. I am certain that each of these teachers will come back as a refined version of themselves and serve to improve education in Pakistan.