Teavaro and the CDP Institute offer a free online course on identity resolution

MILFORD, Conn. and LONDON and Cologne, Germany, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Teavaro and the Customer Data Platform Institute today released a free, in-depth identity resolution training course. The course is the first in a series planned by CDP Institute, a vendor-neutral organization that educates organizations on customer data management tools and techniques.

The Identity Resolution course is available for on-demand online delivery. It includes modules on identity resolution fundamentals, identity graphs, data privacy and identity resolution, and the benefits of identity resolution. Each module includes several lessons with a video lecture, exercises and additional downloadable material. Users can complete the course at their own pace.

Anyone can enroll in the course at https://academy.teavaro.com/. There is no charge and student information will not be shared with anyone outside of Teavaro and the CDP Institute.

“Identity resolution is a hugely important but misunderstood topic for marketers today,” said Dr. Dirk Rohweder, COO and co-founder of Teavaro, a cloud-based customer data platform that helps organizations deliver personalized marketing experiences across any medium and device. “We are pleased to offer this course as a way to help the marketing community understand how to get the most out of modern identity resolution techniques.”

“We salute the generosity of Teavaro in making this course available to the marketing community,” said David M. Raab, CEO and Founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute. “Equipping marketers with a better understanding of identity resolution will help them cope with the deprecation of third-party cookies, new privacy regulations, and customer expectations for a unified experience across all interactions. “

About Teavaro

Teavaro helps you truly connect with your customers in a digital world. Our platform creates value by knowing your customers based on consent. Identity resolution across devices, channels, and domains is the foundation of our offering and any first-party data strategy. It’s the key enabler for personalization, greater media efficiency and improved multi-touch attribution. Our enterprise-grade platform is built with data security and privacy by design. Combining innovation and agility, we help you develop real-time marketing at scale. Teavaro is RealCDP certified by the CDP Institute.

About the CDP Institute

The Customer Data Platform Institute educates marketers and marketing technologists on managing customer data. The Institute’s mission is to provide neutral information on the issues, methods, and technologies for creating unified and persistent customer databases. Activities include the publication of educational materials, news on industry developments, best practice guides and references, directories of industry suppliers and advice on related matters. The Institute is managed by Raab Associates, a technology and marketing analytics consultancy. Raab Associates identified the Customer Data Platform category in 2013. Funding is provided by a consortium of CDP vendors.

SOURCE Customer Data Platform Institute; Teavaro