Teachers should be familiar with new technologies and modern teaching techniques: Pres. Solih

Teachers need to be familiar with new technologies and modern teaching techniques, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

President Solih stressed the importance for teachers to familiarize themselves with new technologies and modern teaching techniques, in his written address to the nation on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day on Wednesday.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5 every year.

Reflecting on the changes that have taken place in the education sector over the years, the President in his address noted the unprecedented advances in science and technology, stating that the goal of the education sector should be to raise children who are knowledgeable enough to adapt to these advances.

Furthermore, President Solih said that anyone who wants to bring about positive changes in society should start their work in the education sector, as the reform of society is closely linked to the education sector.

He went on to say that the education sector is key to strengthening the country’s workforce and human resources.

The President conveyed his best wishes to all teachers and educators in the Maldives on Teachers’ Day and expressed deep gratitude for their invaluable service to the nation.

The theme for World Teachers’ Day 2022 is “Educational Transformation Begins with Teachers”.