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Are you curious about coding and computer programming but don’t know where to start? Do you want to help your children at home, or the learners at your school, with their digital skills, but you are not very confident yet? Next, our new free, on-demand online course Introduction to programming with Scratch Classes is a fun, creative and colorful starting point for you.

Being able to code can help you do a lot of things — from speak out at help others practice their skillsand of highlight real-world issues at control a robot. Whether you want to get a taste of what coding is all about or want to learn so you can support young people, our Introduction to programming with Scratch Classes is the perfect place to start if you’ve never tried coding before.

Scratch course presenters Vasu and Mark.
Your course presenters, Vasu and Mark.

In this on-demand course, Mark and Vasu from our team will help you take your first steps in your programming journey.

You can code — we’ll show you how

In the course, you will use the Scratch programming language, a beginner-friendly visual programming language that is particularly suitable for creating animations and games. All you need is our course and a computer or tablet with a web browser and internet connection that can access the online scratch editor.

You can code in Scratch without having to memorize and type commands. Instead, by fitting blocks together, you’ll take control of “sprites”, which are characters and objects on the screen that you can move with the code you create.

A video of what Scratch coding looks like.
This is how you build Scratch programs.

In addition to learning what you can do with Scratch, you’ll learn basic programming concepts that are the same for all Programming languages. You will see how important the order of commands is (sequencing), you will make the computer repeat actions (repetition), and you will write programs that do different things in different circumstances, such as responding to the actions of your user (selection ). Later, you will also create your own reusable code blocks (abstraction).

You can create your own programs and share them

Throughout the course, you will learn how to create your own programs step by step. Over the past week, Mark and Vasu will show you how to create music projects and interact with your program using a webcam.

A Scratch coding project.
At the end of the course, you will create a program to control a Scratch character using your live webcam video.

Vasu and Mark will encourage you to share your programs and join the online Scratch community. You’ll learn how you can explore other people’s Scratch programs for inspiration and help, and how to build on the code they’ve created.

A Scratch coding project.
Thousands of people share their projects in the Scratch online community – you could be one of them.

Register for the course now!

The course starts for the first time on Monday February 14, but is available on demand, so you can join anytime. You will have access to the course for four weeks, regardless of when you register.

For the first four weeks of course availability, and every three months thereafter, members of our team will join you to support you and help answer your questions in the comment sections.

If you are a teacher in England, get free extended access in register via Teach Computing here.

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