SLT-MOBITEL launches a free online course on robotics and IoT for the technological evolution of future generations – Adaderana Biz

As a national provider of telecommunications and ICT mobile services, SLT-MOBITEL is committed to moving Sri Lanka towards a technology-driven economy and has recently started delivering a series of free online courses on Arduino, Robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) to infuse future generations with the latest technological skills and knowledge.

Preparing young people for a digital future, SLT-MOBITEL is offering the free “Arduino, Robotics and IoT Beginners Course” to support a culture of innovation among local students raising STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the country. The course will also help young people develop practical solutions using smart technologies and will play an important role in leading the country towards a digital revolution by providing next-generation communication infrastructure.

SLT-MOBITEL has selected Magicbit (Pvt) Ltd as course provider. Magicbit is recognized as the developer of a unique hardware kit and programming platform that allows students to explore a wide range of applications in coding, electronics, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

A call for applications for the beginners course went out in early April and generated an enthusiastic response with applications received from across the country covering all nine districts. Students who are currently studying or interested in technology, IoT and robotics have been invited to apply. A total of 100 students were selected to take this completely free course. Students in the age group of 12 to 18 were selected based on their interests and abilities.

The course includes online workshops as well as hands-on sessions and takes place over eight days with a two-hour session each day. It is completely free and the first batch of students started their program in the first week of May. In addition, two batches of Sinhalese and Tamil language learning started on 12and June.

The number of participants per batch has been limited to 20 students because the course organizers understand that it is essential to maintain quality rather than quantity. Moreover, the course is offered in Sinhalese, English and Tamil where candidates have the privilege to choose the language of their preference. Each course participant receives a free MagicBit development kit that helps students learn and practice new technologies such as IoT, robotics, programming, electronics and AI. Each session of the course includes hands-on self-study activities with the Magicbit kit.

SLT-MOBITEL takes charge of the entire support program for the national fight against the digital divide. Interested students are invited to visit for details and registration. At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate.