Sisodia Launches Skills Enhancement Program for Delhi Government Schools English Teachers

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday launched the TESOL Foundation Certificate Program for Delhi Public School English Teachers, which will be run by the US Embassy’s Regional English Language Office.

The program aims to improve the English teaching skills of participating teachers, which will improve the teaching of English in public schools. The current class is 50 teachers.

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“It is important that teachers continue to improve their skills. We want our teachers to do things they already know differently. This course will bring more creativity into classrooms.

“English has become an essential language these days. Our teachers know how to teach English to their students. It is important for teachers to teach this to students creatively. We will provide all kinds of support for teachers to learn new ways of teaching,” Sisodia said.

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The US Embassy’s Regional English Language Office has trained around 800 Delhi government school teachers since 2017.

“We have trained around 800 teachers in the past and will continue to support more in the future,” said Ruth Goode, the embassy’s regional English language manager.

TESOL stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. This includes teaching English as a foreign language as well as a second language in a country where the primary language is English.