Sartell High School English teachers ask the community to come together

Towards Sartell-St. Stephen District Community Members,

As members of the Sartell High School English Department, we feel the need to respond to public comments that have been repeated on various social media sites. Over the past two years, our integrity in teaching has been tested by some very aggressive individuals in this community. On several occasions, our work has been published online, out of context or without a full explanation of the program. We have been forced to give up many valuable teaching hours with our students to answer false accusations about our intentions. The negative climate created by this practice, as well as specific verbal attacks, was intimidating and exhausting. Unfortunately, one of our best English teachers, who was universally adored by his students, left our district due to this conflicted and hostile environment. If we don’t find a way to unite, we fear losing more.

We are sad, discouraged and frankly tired of being silent, while some people falsely accuse us of pushing a political agenda. This is the farthest from the truth. We seek to provide your children with a full and complete education that enables them to critically examine the world and learn to think for themselves.

As professionals, we believe teachers should continue to be part of the educational conversation in our community. Together we have a combined total of over 150 years of teaching in the Sartell-St.Stephen district. We come from different backgrounds and political views, but we come together to do what’s right for your children. We love your children – OUR children. We do our best to take care of each of them while they are in school. We are passionate about educating Sartell students, and we ask that you trust us to educate your children as we have for many decades.

Members of the SHS English Department,

R.K. Anderson

Anne Bang

Terri Benson

Kelsey Box

Niki Huston

Michele Nelson

Jared Saue

Emilie Schmit

Lisa Wilson