Platteview High School English Teachers Featured in National Newspaper | Butterfly

There were around 10 characters to choose from across multiple genres and countries.

“So there wasn’t really a right or wrong answer as long as the student could justify it from the text and I think knowing that they weren’t going to be wrong was also a release for them,” Hartwig said.

Students worked on several different activities throughout the to eek long unit.

“They had to create a campaign poster, they had to create a campaign ad, they had to write a script, create a costume, they had to physically debate as characters,” Kersulov said, “So creating, no only these multiple texts, whether it is a poster, a scenario, files or an advertisement, all these different stages were, in their own sense, a small reconstruction of the game or a small reconstruction of the performance.

Falch said the idea for the article came about while discussing the English finals during a planning period with the entire English department.

“I had this idea of ​​letting the kids choose a character, and then I turned that person into a presidential candidate, and then Anna and Mike came in and gave me their ideas as well,” Falch said, “c It was definitely a collaboration of all of our ideas and they all had different ways of going about it.