PlanetSpark will hire more than 10,000 English teachers in 2022

EdTech plans to increase its existing teaching staff by 500% to fuel its mission to create a global leader “Made in India” for communication skills training

India-based K12 EdTech PlanetSpark announces plans to recruit over 10,000 English teachers in 2022. The company already has over 2,100 teachers on the platform.

PlanetSpark raised a $13.5 million Series B round, led by Prime Venture Partners and entrepreneurs such as Binny Bansal and Deep Kalra in December 2021. With the new round of investment, the company plans to aggressively capture the market share in the world of 82 billion dollars. communication skills market. The 10,000 newly hired teachers will help the company to strengthen its presence in India, the United States and the Middle East, but also to penetrate new markets such as Europe and Southeast Asia.

With online teaching at PlanetSpark, teachers increase their income by 40-50% by spending just 5 hours a day.

To be selected as a PlanetSpark teacher, candidates must go through an automated selection process. They must pass the PSAT (PlanetSpark Aptitude Test) and undergo 3 rounds of interviews before being selected as a teacher. After that, they receive 1 week of live online training and 143 micro-courses on PlanetSpark’s “Learning Management System”, to prepare them to teach students.