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The benefits of fluency in English are many and varied. Spoken by almost 1.75 billion people worldwide (nearly one in four people), English is the key to unlocking opportunities around the world. Although it has a relatively simple alphabet, English is notoriously difficult to learn due to its internal inconsistency compared to other languages. Because it has been so deeply influenced by other languages, pronunciation and spelling can be extremely difficult for those who are just beginning to acquire a language. Lucky for you, online private tutors can make English fluency fun and easy.

Fluency in the English language opens the door to opportunity

English dominates in the fields of diplomacy, science, medicine and tourism. Learning English as a foreign language can easily increase your chances of getting a job at home or abroad. Additionally, some of the most well-known and prestigious schools are located in English-speaking countries. For any prospective student wishing to enter these colleges or universities, being able to read, write and speak English with conversational fluency is essential.

Language is a gateway to its associated culture, including that culture’s sense of humor, ideologies, moral foundations, and social priorities. Imagine how eye-opening it could be to take your first American, Australian or British literature course taught by an English speaker! For those learning English as a foreign language, this kind of classroom experience can be an eye-opening journey into the depths of a culture that is not their own.

And even if a student is considering enrolling in schools or programs outside of the US, UK, and Australia, many such schools and programs still offer courses specifically for English speakers.

Websites such as Eurekly host hundreds of tutors from around the world, offering tutors with a range of academic backgrounds for almost any price.

What else can proficiency in English offer me?

English proficiency has benefits even outside of academia and the job market. The highest percentage of content available online is in English. Plus, if you’re fluent in English, you can consume some of the world’s most popular literary and media content in the language in which it was originally written. Many important and influential literary and scientific works were first written in English; Fluency in English allows readers to get closer to the author’s intentions.

Additionally, many books written around the world are translated into English as a common practice; Essentially, when you choose English as a foreign language, you unlock a previously untapped realm of information and knowledge. It is important to be able to read the content in the language in which it was originally written; this way you won’t miss any nuance that might be lost in translation.

If you are an avid tourist or traveler and English is not your first language, chances are English can be used as a way to communicate more easily with those abroad. Because it is so widespread, English can circumstantially help bridge communication gaps. Most hotels in popular tourist destinations have English-speaking staff; the same goes for museums, outlets of well-known brands and other important attractions. Fluency in English makes traveling much easier and opens many doors that might be closed to non-English speakers.

Sharpen your intelligence with private online tutoring lessons

Learning another language engages your brain in a big way, sharpening your intellect and keeping your mental faculties sharp. The benefits of acquiring a foreign language, even later in life, are well documented. A study conducted in 2012 demonstrated that participants who practiced a foreign language (in this case, German) every day for five months experienced a noticeable increase in gray matter in their brains, regardless of language proficiency. Brain growth was not related to mastery, it was related to consistent practice! Daily language practice, complemented by consistent lessons from qualified tutors, is a great way to exercise your brain while gaining a practical skill.

Plus, finding the perfect tutor has never been easier than it is today. With internet access and a few extra bucks, you can browse hundreds of tutors available on Eurekly and find the one that’s right for you. While in-person classes can be difficult to fit into your busy schedule, private online tutoring sessions meet your needs and can fit comfortably into the time you have available. Private online language sessions put you in control, allowing you to choose the length, focus and intensity of your tutoring sessions.

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With Eurekly, prospective English learners can use the search function to sort language tutors by price and immediately see each tutor’s background and country of origin. The availability of tutors is immediately visible, so you can know right away if their schedule is compatible with yours. Already convinced? Discover Eurekly today and take your first step on the road to language fluency.