Ministry of Education urged to rethink Mute for English teachers

The Ministry of Education has been asked to come up with a special assessment system to test teachers’ English skills, instead of taking the Malaysian University English Test (Muet).

The president of the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (Melta), S Ganakumaran, said that this assessment should be comprehensive and continuous.

“There could be assessments in class, their use of language in preparing lessons, making assessments (exam papers) and the like…you have to look at the use of language in the professional situation “, did he declare. Bernama.

“Mute is not a valid system or method for determining a teacher’s English proficiency. We have to use another system.”

Previously, the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) protested against the proposal of English teachers to sit for the Silent and urged the ministry to carry out a thorough study to find the real cause of the poor command of English. among students.

This follows a circular from the Director General of the Department of Education, Amin Senin, that English teachers must sit for Mute to determine their language proficiency, in accordance with the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. .

According to the circular, all teachers of the English language option must have at least a C1 qualification from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

As Ganakumaran said, however, if teachers are required to sit for Mute, the results cannot be the benchmark for their English fluency.

“Muet is not a test of a teacher’s English proficiency, it is a test for students about to enter university, and the focus is on the academic skills they need to own at university.

“There are teachers who are not proficient (in English) but who are good at teaching, and they will find unique ways to teach.

“That’s why many people think that although it’s important to master the language, it’s not important for improving professionalism. There are other things to look at,” he said .