ISRO offers a free online Geographic Information System course that can be completed in four days

ISRO has invited applications from students and professionals for a free online course on Geographic Information System for Supply Chain Management. The course is offered under the outreach program of the Indian Space Research Organization through its center, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS). The course, which will be held online due to the pandemic, can be completed in four days.

The course is organized by the Geoinformatics Department of IIRS and the content will be delivered by experts in their respective fields. ISRO says it also plans to offer niche internships for graduates of top B schools in these fields. The institute is also quite capable of offering short-term in-house training on the respective topics. The course will run from April 26-30, 2021.

What ISRO’s free online course on GIS for supply chain management will cover

Geographic Information System (GIS) is basically a technology capable of capturing, storing, manipulating, visualizing and analyzing geo-referenced data. Some of the advanced technologies included in GIS are satellite imagery, location-based services, space science, and information technology. The technology has a wide range of applications and has already found its way into consumer mobile phones as well as e-commerce deliverables.

In the same context, a GIS-based supply chain management (SCM), which is widely adopted by industries nowadays, can greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of a supply chain. This course aims to give an introduction to these technologies to participants. The course content will be market-driven and provide insight into how these technologies are being adopted by raw material suppliers, processing units, and distribution centers, among others.

Who can take the ISRO Free Online Course?

This course has been designed for the benefit of the following participants:

  • Students in business management, logistics and other related fields.
  • Management professionals are those interested in GIS or location-based decision making.
  • Start-ups and innovation centers.

How to Apply for ISRO Online Course?

First of all, participants should know that in order to apply for the course, a coordinator appointed by the institute of the participants will first have to register their organization as a nodal center with the IIRS in order to help the participants to follow the lesson. All participants will then need to register online via the site’s registration page by selecting their organization as the hub.

How do I get an ISRO certificate for the course?

Participants usually receive certificates for completing free online courses, and the same can be achieved by guaranteeing 70% attendance. All certificates will be sent to the coordinator of the nodal centers, and the distribution of the certificates will be taken care of by the coordinator.

What is the IIRS Outreach Program?

The IIRS is a training and education institute established by ISRO to train qualified professionals in the field of remote sensing, geoinformatics and GNSS technology for natural resources, environmental management and disasters. The IIRS Outreach Program, launched in 2007, aims to provide free training to students, professionals, businesses, and government organizations on emerging areas of geospatial technology.

The outreach program of IIRS, which initially started with 12 universities and institutions, has now grown significantly to reach over 2500 network institutes. Those wishing to take ISRO’s free online course are advised to go through the course brochurethen Register on the official website.