ISRO offers a free online course on geoprocessing using Python. Details inside – Edexlive

Representative image | Photo: ISRO

ISRO offers a free online course on geoprocessing using Python. The course is offered by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, which is a center of the Indian Space Research Organization in Dehradun. The course will be offered from January 17 to 28, 2022 and is open to students and professionals who wish to study the subject. The course is delivered through the IIRS-ISRO online course offering and no specific hardware or software would be required.

Participants will receive an ISRO certificate based on online participation and examination. The course can be given in a classroom if it has a desktop computer with microphone, speakers and a large display screen.

Applications from candidates must be duly sponsored by their respective institute and forwarded through the coordinators of the respective centers.

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The course aims to train candidates on how to process large amounts of data collected from satellite images efficiently in time and space and to obtain useful information from geospatial data.

Interested candidates can register on the official website. As the number of places is limited, registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.