ISRO is about to launch a free 5-day online course! All you need to know

The 5-day course is scheduled to start on August 3.

ISRO Online Courses: ISRO Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is launching another free online course as part of the outreach program! Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) IIRS has organized several online courses for interested participants. Now, the organization has announced a new course on agricultural water management. Here’s everything you need to know about the new course.

How to Join ISRO Online Courses

In order to join any of ISRO’s online courses, applicants should go to, where they should choose the course they wish to study. After selecting the correct course, applicants must fill in the details requested by the form, and also upload a photo and proof of identity. After that, the applicant would receive an activation link on the registered email id, and once the account is activated, the application would be eligible for the screening process.

Once the application has been reviewed by the course director and the documents verified, the application would be rejected or approved.

All selected participants would then receive login credentials for the IIRS e-class portal. If an applicant does not receive an approval email with credentials, they can check the status of their application on the e-learning website. If the candidate’s status is shown as “not approved”, the candidate can take the course through the live sessions on YouTube and will not get any certificate that they have taken the courses.

Accepted candidates will be able to attend classes, access study materials and participate in the exam online, upon successful completion they will receive the certificate.

IISR Course on Remote Sensing Applications in Agricultural Water Management

The 5-day course is scheduled to start on August 3 through the IIRS Distance Learning Center. The course focuses on the use of Earth observation satellites in monitoring crop information, leading to an informed decision on water management. Participants would not have to pay course fees, while study materials would be made available to them through the e-class portal itself.

To be eligible for the course, the participant must be a final year undergraduate student or a postgraduate student of any year. Apart from this, the course is also open to technical and scientific personnel from central or state government institutes. Participant applications must be duly sponsored by their respective universities or institutions.

The number of places in the course is limited and registration will be on a first come, first served basis.