ISRO invites students to apply for a free 10-day online course with certificate in remote sensing

ISRO has invited applications from students and professionals for a free online course on remote sensing techniques for geological studies

ISRO currently offers a free online course titled Hyperspectral and Microwave Remote Sensing Techniques for Geological Studies for students and professionals. The course is offered by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), which is the center of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) responsible for training qualified professionals in the field of remote sensing, geoinformatics and technology GNSS for natural resources. , environment and disaster management.

The course will run from March 7-17, 2022 and aims to address geological issues with hyperspectral and microwave remote sensing techniques. Participants will receive adequate knowledge of fundamental concepts and then learn image processing in the hyperspectral and microwave regions of the spectrum. Working professionals and students will also receive an ISRO certificate based on 70% attendance.

What will the free ISRO online course cover?

Here are the topics that will be covered over a period of 7 days in the remote sensing course:

  • Principles of hyperspectral and microwave remote sensing, data analysis and applications.
  • Hyperspectral processing techniques: data reduction, end member selection, mapping methods; Processing of SAR data: INSAR, DInSAR, PolSAR.
  • Spectroscopy of major rocks and minerals (terrestrial and planetary)
  • DInSAR for land surface deformation studies: studies of earthquakes, landslides, land subsidence and glacier dynamics.

Who can apply for the ISRO Free Online Course?

The course is open to the following participants:

  • Third or final year postgraduate student in geosciences.
  • Scientific personnel from central or state government, professors or researchers from universities or institutions.
  • Users receiving programs as part of the CEC-UGC or CIET networks may also participate.

How to Apply for ISRO Free Online Course?

Candidates will need to register online via the registration page by selecting their organization as the nodal centre. In order to register an organization as a hub, interested organizations, universities, departments or institutes must identify a coordinator from their side. The identified coordinator will register their institute online as a nodal center on the IIRS website. It is advisable for those wishing to apply to go through the official brochure for more details.