ISRO invites students to apply for a free 10-day online course in geospatial technologies

ISRO currently offers a free online course titled Advanced Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

ISRO is inviting applications from interested students and professionals for a free 10-day online course titled Advanced Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The course aims to impart knowledge on geospatial technologies, which have become the most powerful technology for all phases of disaster management. ISRO Free Online Course is sponsored by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Indian Space Research Organization, Department of Space, Government of India.

All participants who attend 70% of the live course sessions via the e-class portal will receive an ISRO certificate for completing the course. For participants who attend the course sessions via the IIRS YouTube channel, they will be required to mark their attendance via an offline session available after 24 hours. The course will run from April 18-29, 2022.

What will ISRO’s free online geospatial technologies course cover?

Participants wishing to take the course should be familiar with the basics of remote sensing and geographic information system. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Presentation of remote sensing and the Geographic Information System.
  • Application of satellite communication technology for disaster mitigation.
  • Overview of drones for surveillance and disaster mitigation.
  • New geographic calculations, online GIS and geo-web services for DRR.
  • Advanced application of geospatial technologies for geological hazards, hydrological hazards, forest fire hazards, drought hazards, coastal hazards, atmospheric hazards and pollution.

Who can apply for ISRO’s Free Online Course in Geospatial Technologies?

The course has been designed for the following participants:

  • Central and state government professionals.
  • Professionals from private organizations.
  • NGOs engaged in research and projects related to geospatial data analysis.
  • Students and researchers aligned with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) research.

Important Details of ISRO Free Online Geospatial Technologies Course

  • All participants must register online through the registration page available on the IIRS Edusat website.
  • Course study materials like lecture slides, video-recorded lectures, open source software, and demonstration materials will be made available through the online class.
  • The content of the workshop will be available offline after 24 hours on the e-class portal.

Those who wish to know more are invited to go through the official brochure for more information.