IIT Madras offers a free online course in robotics for students

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has invited applications from students for a free online course in robotics. This course can be completed in 12 weeks.

What are you going to learn?

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Week 1: Introduction to robotics – History, growth; Robotic Applications – Manufacturing, Defense, Rehabilitation, Medicine, etc., Laws of Robotics
Week 2: Robot mechanisms; Kinematics – coordinate transformations, DH parameters
Week 3: Direct kinematics, inverse kinematics
Week 4: Jacobians, Static, Path Planning
Week 5: Actuators (electric) – DC motors, BLDC servo motors
Week 6: Sensors, sensor integration
Week 7: Control – PWM, joint motion control, feedback control
Week 8: Calculated Torque Control
Week 9: Perception, location and mapping
Week 10: Probabilistic robotics, Path planning, BFS; DFS; Dijkstra; A star; Canvas ; Voronoi; potential field; Hybrid approaches
Week 11: Simultaneous localization and mapping
Week 12: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Important appointments:

Start date – July 25, 2022
End date – October 14, 2022
Exam Date – October 30, 2022
End of registration – August 1, 2022

If you wish to register for this course, click on here.

(Editing by Yoshita Rao)