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The digital world has taken over a variety of industries over the past few years. More remote work opportunities and various options are available for the ability to work from anywhere in the world has opened the door to distinct changes in the way we earn a living. One industry that has certainly changed recently is education. Teachers have traditionally dedicated themselves to their students as in-person instructors, but the shift to remote learning has allowed some teachers to transition to an online teaching environment. If you, as a teacher, have been looking for a way to switch from teaching English in person to teaching online, here are some tips to help you.

Change your teaching methods

Teaching methods vary greatly when comparing online English teaching and in-person learning. The key ingredient to transitioning from the in-person classroom to the online classroom is your ability to adapt to various teaching methods. Practice makes perfect in this case and once you have researched the best teaching methods online, you can practice each one to find the one that suits your needs.

Change can be one of the toughest challenges for transitioning teachers, but adaptability is essential for ultimate success. Online English teachers have the chance to experience new teaching methodologies and some will choose to pre-record their lessons while others will invest in live online English lessons. Once you’ve figured out the best option for the way you teach, you can move on to finding the right online teaching jobs.

Know where to look for jobs

Unless you’re moving from the in-person classroom to the virtual classroom from your current educational institution, you’ll need to know where to find jobs. In a truly virtual world, this task can seem a bit daunting as there are many online English teaching platforms. However, not everyone should be trusted. To find the right teaching opportunities, trust those with a good reputation and proven track record of providing high-quality jobs.

Sites such as Preply have proven to be some of the best job platforms for English teachers online. By using only the best online teaching job boards, you’ll be sure to attract students who really want to learn. Not only will you have the opportunity to teach young minds, but more and more older people and even businesses are investing in using online English teachers to improve their reach in various cultures without having to language barrier.

Invest in communication

The need for communication isn’t an issue in an in-person English teaching environment, but when the classroom goes virtual, it can be easy to diminish the level of communication you provide. It seems easy to just email a student and hope for the best, but you have to remember that people communicate differently even in an online environment. By investing in various forms of communication, you can reach your students more effectively. Social media, emails, forum posts, and even instructional videos can be a variety of ways to reach more students in an online environment and meet their communication needs.

Be patient and flexible

As you transition from an in-person teaching environment to an online environment, your students can also make the transition. This may be their first time using e-learning and a little patience and flexibility will do. As an online English teacher, it’s your responsibility to create and manage a lesson plan, but don’t be so strict about when you want to complete certain lessons. Be flexible in the plan and don’t try to put too much pressure on the student, at least initially. Once you and your student have adjusted to the changes, you can put a little more pressure on learning, but always try to maintain some level of flexibility with your lesson plan.

The need for certification

As a teacher, you are probably already suited to furthering your education. There are always various ways in which education changes and keeping abreast of the methods and changes will help you become a better instructor. Although strict certification is not yet a requirement for all online English teachers, it is useful to have certifications that back up your skills.

The world of online English teachers can be remarkably competitive and unlike other teaching jobs, you have to impress the student if you want to be hired to teach them. Therefore, investing in TEFL and TESOL certification is essential. These certifications prove your skills to the student and can greatly help you stand out from any competition.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult, and as more English teachers move from in-person teaching to online classrooms, we must adapt and overcome any challenges that may arise. These tips on transitioning from teaching English in person to teaching online will help you feel better about the changes and make your career as an online English teacher even more rewarding.