HC urges Kerala government to create cadre of English teachers in government and aided high schools – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: The Kerala High Court has ordered the state government to create and formulate a cadre of assistant high school (English) teachers in the government and has been assisting high schools in the state from the year school year 2021-2022.

The court issued the order on the motion filed by Prime Minister Ali of Palappilly in Thrissur and Reji Thomas of Kallooppara in Thiruvalla, through Barrister V Sajith Kumar. They demanded a statement that refusing to appoint English teachers in public schools with 15 sessions (three divisions) is against the Kerala Education Act 1958 and Rule 4(ii) and Rule 6I read with Rule 3 (ii A) of Chapter 23 Kerala Rules of Education, 1958.

The petitioners said that English teachers are not appointed in secondary schools, which affects the quality of teaching. They alleged that the government had shown willful inaction in implementing the Kerala Education Rules Amendment (KER), which specifies that English must be taught as a language in public schools and schools. supported schools. This has resulted in the denial of quality English language education by qualified teachers to pupils who are mostly from the lower and middle class, the petition states.

The claimants argued that in the absence of English teachers, the language is taught by teachers whose primary focus is other subjects and that they have no prescribed qualifications to teach English. This has led to the fall in English language standards among students.

The government replied that a new framework would only be created gradually without leading to the dismissal of core subject teachers, who had been in service since 2002 after the rules were changed.

The court observed that it was rather disturbing that the government did not bother to carry out its decree in the staggered manner planned from the academic year 2002-2003.