Generation India Collaborates with AWS to Offer a Free 12-Week Online Cloud Computing Course

AWS’s Free 12-Week Online Cloud Computing Course Helps the Unemployed and Underemployed Build Cloud Computing Skills

Generation India has announced a collaboration with Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL) to provide free cloud computing skills development and professional training through the AWS re/Start program in over 10 cities in India. AWS re/Start is a 12-week training program covering cloud fundamentals, core AWS services, and practical job skills (such as interviewing and resume writing), to help unemployed and underemployed people prepare for entry-level roles in the cloud. The first cohort participating in the AWS re/Start program with Generation India kicked off this month.

The tech industry needs tech talent, but there is a lack of qualified people to fill these roles. According to a study by AlphaBeta, the number of workers in India in need of digital skills will need to increase ninefold by 2025. To meet this challenge, Generation India and AWS are working to create an inclusive and diverse pool of new talents with cloud technology skills. by training unemployed or underemployed people who otherwise might not have had access to this career path.

The program helps prepare individuals for new careers in technology through scenario-based exercises, hands-on labs, and lectures. Students acquire skills in Linux, Python, networking, security and relational databases. The program also covers the cost for learners to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, providing them with the opportunity to validate their cloud skills with an industry-recognized benchmark. Ultimately, the AWS re/Start program, in conjunction with Generation India, helps individuals prepare for roles in operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support. The AWS re/Start program is part of Amazon’s effort to provide free cloud computing training to help 29 million people develop their cloud computing skills globally by 2025.

Arunesh Singh, CEO of Generation India, said, “We are excited to launch the AWS re/Start program to help our learners gain valuable and in-demand cloud computing skills through industry-recognized AWS Certification, putting them on the path to success. . The program helps unemployed and underemployed people find in-demand jobs in the cloud. Generation India works tirelessly to support young people, and this responds to the urgent need in India for young people with applicable skills and job opportunities.

Amit Mehta, AWS Training and Certification Manager, AISPL, said, “AWS re/Start brings new talent into the workforce, establishing a win-win scenario for individuals to launch careers successful in the cloud, organizations to increase their competitive advantage with in-demand talent and communities to thrive and grow. We are proud to work with Generation India to build the diverse and robust cloud workforce of the future, enabling organizations to accelerate their innovation with the AWS Cloud.

The AWS re/Start, which participants can register for on the official site, is a global program offered in 39 countries and connects over 90% of graduates with job interview opportunities. Generation India will work with its training and placement partners to facilitate placement opportunities for program graduates in India.