Funds for English teachers to take the CEFR test

The Ministry of Education and the Malaysian Examinations Board are providing stipends this year for English Option teachers to take the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) preparation test.

Director General of Education Datuk Dr Habibah Abdul Rahim (pictured) said the first admission was in February while the second was scheduled for November but due to the Covid outbreak -19, it was moved to December.

The purpose of the test, she said, is to ensure the level of English language proficiency among English option teachers.

“We want our English teachers to have a CEFR C1 qualification in the language.

“Between 2010 and 2019, only 50% of English option teachers took tests to assess their language proficiency.

“We are encouraging more teachers to take the available tests so that we know where they stand. This will allow us to help them,” she said in an October 27 TV interview.

There is no need to worry if teachers do not pass the CEFR preparation test, she advised teachers, adding that it is simply the ministry’s objective to ensure that English teachers reach a certain level so that they can strengthen and improve their students. competence through classroom teaching and learning.

“Our current approach is to first see where our teachers are at so that we can provide appropriate measures and interventions to help them reach the desired level.

“We don’t make it compulsory because our teachers have the qualifications and are trained; it’s just to improve their standards.

Teachers can even use the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) materials to prepare for the CEFR preparation test, especially since the MUET is aligned with the CEFR, she added.

“Our aspiration is also to increase students’ language proficiency and a lot of our hopes rest with our teachers,” Habibah said.

Within the framework of the CEFR, language proficiency is measured against the four communicative skills on a scale starting with A1 and progressing to A2 (basic user), B1 and B2 (independent user) and C1, C2 (experienced user) .