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As a centerpiece of the Glion Institute of Higher Education’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the London and Switzerland-based institution has announced a free online course dedicated to the luxury industry with a particular focus on luxury customer relations constantly evolving.

The course, titled “The Luxury Industry: Luxury Customers and Experiences”, begins on the 16e May. Taught across three modules of three hours each, the program is perfect for luxury professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of the industry. It is also suitable for people with ambitions to change careers in luxury, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about the luxury sector.

The course content will be delivered through the FutureLearn platform, and its curriculum includes:

  • Origins and definitions of luxury
  • Cultural Perspectives of Luxury
  • The value of luxury
  • Luxury customer experience including co-creation, personalization and best practices
  • The Changing Face of Luxury Customer Experience
  • Using data in the luxury industry

By making this learning freely available, Glion Institute of Higher Education aims to give something back to an industry with which the hospitality school has worked so closely for the past six decades.

“While ‘luxury’ is an established topic, the industry is very much alive and constantly changing, with definitions changing over time, cultures and industries, and so we wanted to design an immediately accessible course that would provide practical insight into how companies deliver contemporary experiences that foster the relationship between brands and their loyal customers,” said Dr. Barbara Czyzewska, Academic Dean and Head of Luxury Brand Strategy Specialization. , who leads the course “The Luxury Industry: Luxury Customers and Experiences”.

“In just three weeks (and nine hours in total), we will explore the origins and heritage of the luxury industry before examining the evolution of the customer experience, as well as developments for the future. Digging deeper into the luxury industry, delegates will also hear insights into the evolution of luxury across cultures and industries, giving a holistic view of luxury and helping to understand the importance of culture and viewpoints in the luxury industry. We will also break down the customer journey and examine the importance of understanding the customer’s perspective, helping participants explore the relationship between the customer and luxury brands in co-creating the luxury experience. They will also understand how personalized customer service is the key to luxury.

Although Glion has campuses in London and Switzerland, as this is a free online course it is open to industry professionals or students wishing to pursue a career in luxury anywhere in the world, and we are delighted to offer this opportunity.

For more information and to register for “The Luxury Industry: Luxury Customers and Experiences”, please click here.

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