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A new course offered by specialist online training providers virtual college (@virtual_college) uses neuroscience to help online learners grow personally and professionally in 2021

At a time when many people are still struggling to work effectively remotely, this free course offers valuable insight into the factors that can affect our attention, retention, and productivity. Learners will also be advised on how best to work with these neurological limitations to get the most out of their brains and create a learning plan that dramatically increases success.

the Neuroscience for personal development The course is available for free on the Virtual College website. The course includes an in-depth look at ‘brain plasticity’, which is the process by which your brain grows and changes as you learn new information. The module also includes a section on memory and attention, two extremely important factors for maintaining productivity and staying focused on development.

In addition to understanding how the brain works and how it can actually limit learning, participants will also explore the concept of holistic education. This is a relatively new approach that seeks to engage all aspects of the learner including mind, body and spirit to explore the ways in which this approach can benefit personal growth.

The e-learning course concludes with tips on how to create a personalized action plan, applying what you’ve learned about neuroscience and development. Additional resources are provided to help you with this task, along with proven techniques for getting the most out of the inner workings of the brain.

This online course is offered as part of the Virtual College’s participation in the Ministry of Education’s “One Hour to Learn Skills” campaign, which aims to improve job prospects for people across the country by helping them offering ways to learn new skills. This initiative encourages devoting one hour per week to e-learning using The skills toolbox resource, which offers more than 70 free online courses, including several from Virtual College.

By offering a range of learning resources in everything from personal growth and wellness to basic math and coding, the program hopes to boost the careers of anyone who has been impacted by uncertainty and challenges. last year’s disturbances.

The “Neurosciences for personal development” course is accessible from the Virtual College website here.

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