Free online course for healthcare workers launched by Dell and HSE

The six-month Digital Future in Healthcare course will help HSE staff hone their skills and learn about the healthcare workplace of the future.

The HSE and Dell Technologies have partnered to launch a new online course for healthcare workers in Ireland to hone their skills in an increasingly digital environment.

The free six-month course, Digital Futures in Healthcare, will feature presentations from industry experts such as HSE CEO Paul Reid, Dell Healthcare CIO James Norman and Professor of Health Informatics at Children’s Health Ireland Neil O’Hare.

An initiative that attempts to drive the digital transformation of the health sector in Ireland, the course will give HSE staff insight into connected health, emerging technologies, personalized healthcare and protecting patient data. They will learn about the healthcare workplace of the future and the transformation of primary care management.

In May, the Irish Health Service’s IT systems went down following a ‘significant and serious’ cyberattack, as described by Reid, which saw hospitals and other HSE departments left without access to records electronic health.

Norman told last November that healthcare providers have long been the target of organized crime and opportunists, with hospitals held hostage for their patient data, putting thousands of lives at risk unless they don’t pay.

“Healthcare providers have a long-standing duty to ensure that all patient data is secure to the best of their abilities,” he said. “But today’s cybercriminals have an arsenal of tools they can use, and some healthcare providers simply don’t have the in-house skills or experience to protect themselves.”

He also said cloud technologies were among the biggest game changers in healthcare.

‘New era of healthcare’ in Ireland

Martin Curley, director of digital transformation and innovation at HSE, said technology has become an important tool in the fight against Covid-19 and has accelerated the modernization of the Irish healthcare system through Sláintecare – the ten-year government program for the transformation of health and social services.

“With the co-development of this program with Dell Technologies, we can ignite a new era of healthcare transformation and help Ireland become a European leader in digital health in the years to come,” said he declares.

The Digital Futures in Healthcare program will feature six virtual webinars starting tomorrow (September 22) until February next year. All healthcare workers who complete the course will receive a diploma certified by Dell Technologies and the HSE Digital Academy.

Jason Ward, Vice President and Managing Director of Dell Ireland, said the past year has been a “turning point” for digital transformation in Ireland’s healthcare sector, as workers shifted to wireless use. precedent of technology.

“By equipping more people with digital skills, the Irish healthcare system has a unique opportunity to accelerate the deployment of technology to improve patient outcomes, protect patient data and support the vital work of all who provide vital health services.

Last year, HSE’s Yvonne Goff told that in terms of digital health transformation, Ireland’s maturity level is “pretty low” but the “silver lining” of the crisis of Covid-19 has been that it has “transformed our digital transformation projects”.

“It allowed us to be very disruptive and nimble and to remove some of the barriers that took us years to navigate,” she said.