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Clover Park School District Announcement.

The Clover Park School District celebrates American Education Week by highlighting some of the best teachers who provide students with the opportunities they need to learn and grow in the classroom. Today’s topic is English.

Darcy Magee, Tyee Park Elementary School

Darcy Magee, a third-grade teacher at Tyee Park Elementary School, believes teaching can only begin by getting her students’ attention. By telling stories or making learning visual and concrete, students wake up and engage.

Recently Darcy started a lesson on adjectives by pointing to, opening and passing around a can of sardines. The students described what they saw, heard and even tasted. “When we teach reading and writing, we often compete with video games,” she said. “I always start with something that can grab their attention and motivate them and get them excited to learn.”

She also establishes a relationship of trust with her students. By fostering a family atmosphere in the classroom, students feel comfortable sharing, making mistakes, and growing together. “They are allowed to take risks,” she said. “They’re willing to share their work because they know no one is going to criticize or laugh at them if they make a mistake.”

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Talia Kircher, Lochburn College

Talia Kircher, an English teacher at Lochburn Middle School, works hard to understand her sixth-grade students and understand their interests. She believes that increasing engagement in reading and writing starts with finding the genres, stories, and styles of writing that appeal to each student.

“As an English teacher, I love to ignite a passion for reading, especially for my reluctant readers,” she said. “I always try to find the books that will inspire them to read.”

Talia emphasizes group work and collaboration among her students. By understanding each other’s differences, students learn to communicate and work effectively together. “I really believe in teamwork and I want my students to know that they have to learn to work with others,” she said. “I lean on my colleagues for support and let my students know how helpful this kind of collaboration can be.”

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