Demystifying Mindfulness: A Free Online Course from Leiden University

Since Chris Goto Jones–now dean of humanities and professor of philosophy at the University of Victoria –comes Classes which was named “one of the best online courses of all time” in 2020. The course description for Demystifying Mindfulness bed:

Interest in meditation, mindfulness and contemplation has grown exponentially in recent years. Rather than being seen as mystical practices of ancient Buddhism or esoteric philosophy, they are increasingly seen as technologies rooted in evidence from psychology and neuroscience. Mindfulness has become the basis of many therapeutic interventions, both as a treatment in health care and as a way to improve well-being and happiness. For millions of people around the world, mindfulness has become a lifestyle choice, enhancing and enriching the daily experience. Mindfulness is big business.

But what is mindfulness? Is it really good for you? Can anyone learn it? How to recognize charlatans? Would you like to live in a conscious society, and would it smell of sandalwood? What’s it like to be conscious? Are you already aware, and how would you know?

Evolving from the popular Honors Academy course to Leiden University [in the Netherlands], this innovative course combines conventional scientific research from several disciplines (ranging from psychology to politics to philosophy) with experiential learning (including specially designed ‘meditation labs’, in which you will have the chance to practice and analyze mindfulness about yourself). Ultimately, the course aims to provide a responsible, comprehensive, and inclusive education on (and in) mindfulness as a contemporary phenomenon.

You can take Demystifying Mindfulness for free by selecting the audit option during registration. If you want to take the course for a certificate, you will need to pay a fee.

Demystifying Mindfulness will be added to our list, 1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

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