Data Lab Launches Free Online Course for Business Leaders to Build Essential Skills

A free data training course aimed at educating business leaders on how data can add value to their organization is due to launch this month.

Driving Value from Data, which will be launched on Monday 20 April, is the second edition of a The data lab, Scottish Data and Artificial Intelligence Centre.

The course will focus on those implementing data capabilities for the first time, or those looking to take it to the next level of data contribution.

The online course will aim to equip participants with the tools and skills to introduce proven data techniques into their day-to-day operations.

Since the introduction of the Data Lab’s Massive Online Open Course in January, more than 1,000 participants, from more than 80 countries, from the private, public and third sectors have taken part.

He said previous online courses had a significantly higher completion rate among learners than other such courses.

Craig Paterson, Executive Education Advisor at the Data Lab, said: “With an overarching vision to showcase Scotland as a thought leader in data, these free online courses have successfully provided training and a flexible and high quality education to decision makers exploring data during an introduction. level, as well as those looking to explore the next level of data maturity and lead change by making their business more data savvy.

“As companies pay more and more attention to data, we look forward to offering our latest online course which will provide participants with the confidence and knowledge to derive value from data; understand how to use data effectively and efficiently to improve operations; and identify trends that will positively impact their business and maximize success – without breaking the budget.

The Data Lab said its experience and extensive network plays a central role in the online course, providing content from leading data practitioners and putting Scotland on the map for innovation and growth. data science.

The course has no entry requirements, learners can self-pace and it incorporates four key learning topics over four weeks, with three hours required each week.

By the end of the course, participants will be armed with the practical tools and knowledge to identify and classify data and opportunities in their day-to-day operations; as well as having the ability to drive the next level of data maturity in line with their organization’s ambitions.

Zebunisa Ahmed, Glasgow-based Customer Relations Manager for Virgin Money, said of her experience on the course: “The Data Lab provided an excellent course.

“It wasn’t what I initially expected, but it certainly made me more alert and started to think differently – and I’m already putting the tools and knowledge into practice on a daily basis.”

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