Communication skills platform PlanetSpark will hire more than 10,000 English teachers this year

Edtech PlanetSpark announced on Tuesday that the company plans to recruit more than 10,000 English teachers in 2022, in order to strengthen its presence in the market.

The company already has more than 2,100 teachers on the platform, PlanetSpark said in a statement.

PlanetSpark had raised a $13.5 million Series B funding round led by Prime Venture Partners and entrepreneurs such as Binny Bansal and Deep Kalra in December 2021.

With the new round of investment, the company plans to aggressively capture market share in the $82 billion global communication skills market.

The 10,000 teachers will help the company to strengthen its presence in India, the United States and the Middle East and also to enter new markets such as Europe and Southeast Asia, the company said.

”India has an estimated pool of 1.8 million potential English teachers. Every year, around four lakh new applicants enter this pool in the form of English, Communication and B.Ed.

“It provides a unique demographic advantage to build a global leader in the communication skills market from India,” said PlanetSpark co-founder Kunal Malik.

The remote working revolution has had a massive impact on the education industry, said Maneesh Dhooper, co-founder of PlanetSpark.

“High-level teachers have embraced online teaching in large numbers and they don’t want to go back to traditional offline classroom teaching. The best teachers from small towns all over India are enrolling with us in large numbers,” he added.

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