CBSE conducts capacity building program for English teachers | News Ludhiana

Ludhiana: No less than 50 teachers from 30 CBSE affiliated schools in the Punjab region participated in a two-day capacity building program in English.
The event was organized by Green Land Convent School, New Subhash Nagar. The CBSE resource persons were Pallavi Sethi and Renu Grover, teachers knowledgeable in teaching skills, delivery mechanism and other professional qualities.
The workshop aimed to improve understanding of the English curriculum and provide fruitful advice to teachers teaching English to grades XI and XII.
The event started with a session where the participants got to know each other. The session focused on reading and framing test items, letter writing, article writing, testing and assessment. The inaugural session focused on the particular purposes of reading and ways to achieve confidence and mastery of comprehension skills.
An in-depth discussion of intensive and extensive reading skills gave teachers a new perspective for dealing with comprehension tasks. A lengthy discussion of writing skills, format, and styles gave a clear picture of the final headings to follow when attempting the writing section.
The teachers got hands-on experience in solving various worksheets, and very useful handouts related to writing and the literature section were distributed, which consolidated the experience gained during the workshop.
Different activities, video clips and group discussions made the session all the more effective.