Cambridge English teachers (primary and secondary levels)

Our school is a renowned institution providing students with the holistic international education necessary to succeed in college/university and become leaders in their various fields.
We educate confident, responsible and engaged learners from kindergarten through high school. We provide an environment that allows our people to demonstrate excellence. Our students take the Cambridge International Examinations – IGCSE Level Examinations. We are looking to recruit English language teachers with experience in planning and teaching the International Primary or Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum for the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond.

The position:
We seek well-trained, experienced, dynamic and learning-oriented Literature teachers to inspire our continued drive to provide students with the highest quality of learning. Candidates will take responsibility for the academic success of the school by overseeing program implementation and ensuring a strong school culture.



  • Take personal responsibility for the academic progress of all students.
  • Build a cohesive, research-based curriculum using technology tools
  • Document all lesson plans, assignments, rubrics, and other teaching materials and methods.
  • Use consistent school-wide practices and individualized methods to engage students in the classroom.

Class management

  • Create, monitor and maintain a disciplined and joyful school culture of high academic and behavioral standards.
  • Provide structure in the classroom by developing and reinforcing school-wide rules and expectations.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of all pedagogical functions of the class.

Data analysis

  • Develop and use a variety of assessment data to refine curricula and instructional practices.
  • Evaluate academic results with detailed analysis of student performance data.

Student support and school culture

  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families and colleagues.
  • Develop and maintain a positive and strong classroom culture.


Applicants for the above teaching position should hold a Bachelor’s degree in education in the relevant field from a recognized university or a first degree with qualified teacher status and/or a teaching certification from third cycle (PGDE / PGCE)


1. Must have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in the relevant field at the academic level.

2. Experience in teaching the British curriculum at primary and secondary level respectively.

3. Be proficient in using ICT to deliver engaging lessons


1. A highly motivated individual with a strong interest in encouraging and inspiring students to learn and excel

2. The ability to inspire, challenge, support and empower young leaders towards excellence.

3. Excellent command of the English language.