AWS offers a free online course for women looking for careers in technology

AWS offers a free online course called SheDares consisting of four modules to encourage women seeking careers in technology

AWS, in an effort to foster a more diverse, inclusive, accessible, and equitable workforce, offers a free online course called SheDares. The course is offered in conjunction with diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy, The Dream Collective. AWS’s free online course aims to inspire professional women to consider a career in the tech industry and show them the paths to consider.

Who can take the AWS Free Online Course for Women?

SheDares was designed to help overcome obstacles such as the steep learning curve, not knowing where to start in terms of exploring tech careers, and the lack of visible female role models. The course is most suitable for the following women:

  • Women wishing to change careers or return to the labor market.
  • Women not currently working in the tech industry.

What will the AWS Free Online Course for Women cover?

The course, which lasts approximately 4 to 6 hours, will cover the following aspects:

  • Participants broaden their perspective and get excited about new economy roles with a better understanding of the opportunities that exist in technology and non-technology roles.
  • Participants learn how their current skills could transition into new roles via skills alignment using a fun quiz – and explore how they could create their own path to these opportunities.
  • Participants feel empowered to overcome systemic and personal barriers that have consistently prevented women from pursuing opportunities in technology.
  • Participants are equipped with a roadmap and pathways to take the next step in transitioning their careers to opportunities in the new economy.

Some Benefits of Taking the AWS Free Online Course for Women

  • Some of the benefits of taking the AWS Free Online Course for Women are:
  • The course is self-paced, fully online, open for enrollment and access is available at any time.
  • Live sessions will be held every two months on a number of topics that attendees want to learn more about.
  • Participants become part of the SheDares community and can engage with other participants.
  • Participants can also explore a host of opportunities and pathways available to enter or improve their technology skills.

Those who wish to take the course are invited to go through the official site for more information.