Announcement of ISRO Free Online Course on Global Navigation Satellite System, Certificates to be Issued

A free ISRO online course on Global Navigation Satellite System and location-based services is offered to interested participants

The ISRO Free Online Course on Global Navigation Satellite System and Location Based Services is offered by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), a unit under the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO ), Space Department, Government of India. The free 12-day online course will run from February 21 to March 4, 2022. Those who successfully complete the course and pass an exam will also receive a certificate.

Topics to Cover in the ISRO Free Online Course

Although the website does not mention much about the content of the course, ISRO generally aims to train the workforce in the global navigation satellite system and related geospatial technologies, because the use of these technologies increase quickly. Some of the topics that could be covered in the ISRO Free Online Course, based on what has been covered in the past, are:

  • Introduction to GPS and GNSS.
  • GPS receivers, processing methods, errors and accuracy.
  • Satellite Based Augmentation Systems and Augmented GPS and GEO Assisted Navigation (GAGAN).
  • GPS signal characteristics and data formats, including broadcast and precise ephemeris.
  • Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).
  • DGPS demonstration.
  • Advanced GNSS processing.

Who can take the ISRO Free Online Course?

The course is open to the following participants:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students of any year.
  • Technical or scientific personnel of central or state government, professors or researchers of universities and institutions.

How to register and other important points of the ISRO free online course?

  • Interested participants can register for the course via the official site as individuals or through the nodal institute.
  • To participate in the outreach program of IIRS, interested organizations, universities, departments or institutes must identify a coordinator from their side who will register their institute online as a nodal center on the IIRS website.
  • The coordinator will need to approve course participants.
  • Course participants will be able to access course study materials, such as course slides, video-recorded lectures, open-source software, and demonstration materials on the e-class platform.