51Talk looking for online English teachers

Jack Huang, Founder and CEO of 51Talk, and Sue Ting, Co-Founder of 51Talk and Former Country Manager of the Philippines (Added photo)

WITH rapid globalization brought on by advances in technology, English has become the de facto lingua franca for any international traveler or businessperson.

However, several countries around the world struggle to learn how to communicate effectively in English, with the largest group being the Chinese.

China’s growing middle class and growing wealth of its citizens prompted schools to begin teaching English as a form of communication with other cultures.

However, the classroom approach, while allowing Chinese people to take standardized English tests, does not solve the problem of communicating effectively with other English speakers.

For Jack Huang and Sue Ting, this problem prompted them to create a company that aims to teach English through an immersive one-on-one approach between student and foreign teacher.

Today, 51Talk is the largest online English teaching company.

Most recently, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol COE (China Online Education Group).

“51Talk is the world’s only listed online education company and the #1 listed tech company in the United States in 2016,” Sue said.

The Philippines is 51Talk’s base of operations for teachers.

According to Sue, Filipinos are best equipped to teach English to their Chinese customers.

“I have a background in linguistics and second language acquisition, and I believe that the most effective way to improve one’s ability to learn or speak English is to have one-on-one lessons with English-speaking teachers. . I learned that the Philippines is the first English-speaking country in Asia and the English proficiency of Filipinos is very high, as evidenced by the growing number of call centers in the

the country. Filipinos are extremely passionate and very knowledgeable about Western culture, which makes them the perfect choice to teach English to Chinese students,” she explained.

Today, the company has over 8,000 Filipinos working as online English teachers.

“We review hundreds of CVs daily and select only the best candidates, giving preference to teachers with teaching experience. They must go through a rigorous recruitment process, with the final test being a real teaching demonstration with a live client. After that, we offer several training sessions each month to ensure that our teachers

can impart the best knowledge to our students in the most efficient way,” Sue added.

“We invest a lot in the training and development of our teachers and ensure that our teachers love their work, because only then can we be sure that they love their students from the bottom of their hearts,” said she added.

The company’s preference for certified teachers becomes evident after one look at their customers.

51Talk customers come from different age groups. According to Sue, the needs of elementary school students are different from those of university students or professionals, and people with teaching experience are best suited to their young clients.

One of the biggest appeals of 51Talk as a company is that it allows its teachers to work from home and create their teaching hours to suit their schedule and needs.

One of the fundamental principles of 51Talk is flexibility. Clients can choose the time they want to take lessons and the frequency of these lessons. This also extends to their English teachers.

This high degree of freedom makes 51Talk appealing to professionals who have free time. By becoming part-time teachers, these people are able to supplement their income based on the work they do.

For those who want to make it their profession, 51Talk allows teachers to rise in rank thanks to a star system.

“When someone starts as an English instructor, they are given a one-star rank. After completing a number of lessons and internal training modules, they can rank up to 5 stars. The most successful teachers can even earn over 80,000 pesos per month or over 1 million pesos per year,” Sue said.

51Talk continues to lead the online English teaching industry by providing a high volume of work opportunities – lofty English teaching jobs with competitive earnings in the Philippines.

51Talk’s unique teaching platform allows teachers to work from home, choose their own schedules, participate in regular and ongoing activities

teacher training and have full access to online support and company mentoring agents.

These create favorable lifestyle changes for 51Talk’s online home-based English teachers – they can have more time to spend with their families and avoid the hassle one usually gets from a job. regular nine-to-five office, such as shifts and graveyard shifts.

51Talk teachers find their work very meaningful as they are able to make positive changes in the lives of their students. (PR)