24 English teachers for 101 primary schools in Sattari

The education department may have appointed English teachers in Sattari primary schools from this school year, but the PTA associations are clearly not happy as there are only 24 English teachers for 80 of the 101 primary schools in Sattari taluka.

As a result, English teachers will have to attend several schools during the week.

According to sources, a number of parent-teacher associations had demanded that teachers be appointed in primary schools, to enable students to gain proficiency in English in their higher education.

Taking note of their requests, the Department of Education has appointed English teachers in 80 of the 101 schools in Sattari taluka. However, the PTAs realized that these were only part-time teachers and that they would not be able to do justice to one school as they would have to teach at multiple schools during the week.

Parent-teacher associations require full-time teachers at the primary level.

Last week, members of the PTA from the government primary school in Hivare-Sattari met with the ADEI in Sattari taluka and demanded the appointment of full-time English teachers in the primary schools.

The official briefed them on the current situation and said that the 24 teachers had been appointed in 80 of the 101 schools to impart knowledge of English to as many school children as possible.

The APEs are not satisfied and have submitted a letter requesting the appointment of full-time teachers in primary schools.

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