Sheryl Sandberg teaches a new free online course on mental toughness

When it comes to the school of hard knocks, Sheryl Sandberg is unfortunately a star student. The Facebook executive and Bend over the author took a tragic masterclass in resilience and bounced back from a searing loss when her husband died suddenly while the couple were on vacation in 2015.

In an effort to make something good come out of something truly awful, Sandberg then turned that harrowing experience into his book. Variant Bco-written with star Wharton professor Adam Grant.

Now the pair bring all their research and real-life knowledge on how to persevere when life crushes you with setbacks to a new place – a free online course offered on LinkedIn.

Resilience is a skill you can learn

The Quick Course consists of nine videos of approximately two to three minutes each that cover topics such as how to talk to others who have experienced loss, how to raise resilient children, how to find joy after a setback, and how to importance of gratitude. , even in the face of difficulties.

It’s based on a simple yet powerful idea: resilience isn’t something you have, it’s something you build. Rather than a trait, courage is a skill you learn.

“I remember asking Adam, ‘How resilient do I have? How do I figure it out? How much do my kids have?'” Sandberg recalls the dark period following the death of his husband in the moving intro video. “He said that was the wrong question. The question is not how much resilience do you have, because there is no set amount. You build resilience. So what I should ask him is, ‘How can I build resilience? “”

“It’s a skill set that we work on throughout our lives,” Grant acknowledges in the video, who warns that the time to learn extreme mental toughness is not after suffering a loss or setback. . “It’s something we can build on long before we face any kind of tragedy or difficulty.”

If this is a skill you’d like to develop in preparation for the inevitable struggles life throws at us all, check out the little free course on LinkedIn.

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